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Welcome on-board THE SHE RUN Race with the Titans powered by Stepathlon

There are various ways in which we can help you with your query. First, we recommend looking through the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). These have been broken down into various categories which can be easily navigated through.

If you don’t find your answer there, you can get in touch with our Support Team

Please email us at

Please note: These FAQs are general in nature, and some variations do occur between differing Stepathlon Races and events, country requirements, and individual company policies.




1. What is the age limit to participate in the Race?

The minimum age limit to participate in the Race is 18 years. There is no maximum limit. If you are above 55 years of age, we recommend you consult your physician before participating in the Race. 


2. What is the sign-up fee for the Race? Where do I sign up for the Race?

You can download the Titans FAM App for free from Play store (Android Users) and App store (IOS Users) and sign up.

App Store

Play Store


3. I have signed up for the Race. What’s next?

Login to the Titans FAM App and start stacking up on your ‘Step Points’. You can collect ‘Step Points’ by uploading photos, videos, blogs and sharing comments on the Newsfeed. Participate in our on-going contests and challenges. Unlock virtual achievements and answer the daily quiz.

You can also follow us on social media to engage with us and win exciting prizes. 

Instagram: gujarat_titans

Twitter: gujarat_titans

Facebook : The Gujarat Titans


4. Who chooses the winners for the competitions?

 The choice of winners is at the discretion of the Stepathlon team. The more you engage, the higher your chances of winning. 


5. How many steps each day do I need to take?

We recommend a minimum of 10,000 steps each day of the race. The more steps you take, the greater your chance of winning the grand prize, and the fitter you will get!


6. What if we want to quit midway?

If you quit midway you will lose out on the chance to win the Grand Prize and other exciting weekly prizes. We want you to achieve your fitness goals with us. Push harder!





1.How can I connect my own step counting device or Apple Health App to participate in The She Run Race with the Titans, powered by Stepathlon Event?

Yes, you can choose from our list of supported apps and devices featured in our Devices Gallery. You simply need to connect the app/device as per the instructions. Steps will be synced from your app/device’s website, so you will first need to make sure the steps are updated there, and then press the ‘Sync’ button to have them transferred across to the platform.


Supported fitness tracking devices:

1. Fitbit – All Devices

2. Garmin - vívoactive® HR, vívosmart® HR+, vívomove®

3. GOQii – All Devices

4. Mi Band- All Devices


Supported App

Google Fit App 


  • First time connection to Google Fit is only possible via the Website - 

  • Log into your account on the website with the same login credentials used in the App. 

  • Click on The She Run Race with the Titans tab at the top of the page.

  • Click on the Main Menu of the The She Run Race with the Titans page.

  • Choose the Log Activity Option and click on the ‘Devices’ tab.

  • Connect Google Fit and provide the permissions when prompted.

  • In case you also have a supported device mentioned, you can connect it from the Devices tab option.

  • Select the device of your choice and click on ‘Connect’.

  •  You will now be redirected to the device website. Sign in using your device Username and Password (usually the email address you used to register when setting it up) and Sign in

      Note: Please ensure the login credentials used are the same in your device App and the website while connecting the device.

  •  On logging into your device’s account, click ‘Allow’ (For Xiaomi Mi band click on ‘Login’, then click on ‘Approve’ on the Confirmation page)

  • The logo of the partnered device on the ‘Connected device’ panel will signify that your device is now connected to the platform. 


Steps can be entered either by clicking a particular day in Today's Activity, or by selecting ‘Log Missed Days’ on the menu on the left for entries for multiple missed days.

You can directly sync your step count from our supported devices to the Titans FAM App / website or manually enter the steps.


Once you have synced or entered your steps and activity, you will need to click on ‘Submit’ on the ‘Log Activity’ page.


In case you are an iPhone user for fuller and more active tracking, give Google Fit access to Health on your iPhone.

  • On your iPhone, open the Google Fit App 

  • At the bottom, tap Profile.

  • At the top, tap Settings. 

  • Under "Activity Tracking," tap Track your activities with Health.

  • Turn on Let Google Fit access Health.

  • If necessary, follow the instructions to sync Google Fit with Health.


Please note: In case you do not have a step counting/wearable device, kindly track your steps using Google Fit App first and sync the steps there before syncing them in Titans FAM App or website.

  • We suggest you carry your smart phone whenever you are on the move, so that you can track your daily steps and activities, sync the steps there before syncing them in Titans FAM App

  •  Kindly ensure while syncing Google Fit App to Titans FAM App the email address opted for is the same that is connected to Play Store/ App Store or else the steps will vary in the The She Run Race with the Titans FAM App. You can also manually enter your step count in case you see a major difference between the App and the wearable device.




Note: You can also toggle the announcements on and off during the activity by tapping Sound 

 Disclaimer: Please note our platform does not sync directly with any device hardware due to various third-party protocols. Rather it pulls steps from the associate device/ app software. So, you must first sync your steps there and pull those steps into the platform using the Sync Now button on our platform. If your steps are not synced correctly and are not up to date in your device/ app software, they will not reflect accurately when pulled into the Step Entry panel.

Also note, there may be different reasons for incorrect or inaccurate entries, most often due to damage or malfunction in your device’s accelerometer or incorrectly configured step counting software. We do not have visibility on these issues and very limited ability to troubleshoot.





1.How can you change the privacy settings on your profile ?

You can change the privacy settings by clicking on the Main Menu in the Titans FAM App.

  • Click on the ‘ME’ Tab in the Main Menu under The She Run Race with the Titans tab.

  • Choose Profile option.

  • Click on the Interests option in the Profile page.

  • Update selection to ’Public’ or ‘Limited’.





Please note that the Log Activity section will only be active from 15th November 2023, which is Day 1 of the Race.


1. What happens when I enter my steps?

Your steps are added to your total Step Count. This is then converted to kilometres and plotted on the virtual map. You can see your position on the ‘Leader board’ where all the participants are ranked based on total distance travelled.


2. How can I view my steps or performance?

Step count can be viewed by following the below steps.

  • Log in to the Titans FAM App and opt for the ‘The She Run Race with the Titans’.

  • Click on the  ’Leader board' tab.

  • Your steps for that particular day will show up there.

  • If you want to view your past steps, select ‘My Profile’ from the main menu.

  • Select ‘My Profile’ from the drop down and click on ‘View Activity Breakdown graph’.

Disclaimer: The steps can be Counted for race only in the during race scenario which is from 15th November 2023.


3.What should I do if I submit an incorrect data or step entry?

Please contact us at for further assistance and we will address your query within 24-48 hours.



4. When should I submit my steps?

We suggest you submit your steps at the end of each day or next day.





1.What is The She Run Race with the Titans, powered by Stepathlon?

 The She Run Race with the Titans powered by Stepathlon, is a free individual fitness step and activities challenge and encourages participants of any age or fitness level to exercise and adopt a healthier lifestyle by getting outside and being active over a 100-day period.  You can walk, jog, run or perform activities to accumulate their steps using the platform and log them via wearable devices and Titans FAM App. As you virtually race around the globe and compete with fans all over the world for the chance to win hundreds of prizes and money-can’t-buy experiences.  Steps are converted into kilometres, and your progress is tracked on a virtual map of the world. You will visit many cities along the way, and unlock badges, certificates, and trophies as you progress across a virtual world.


 2. What is the registration duration for The She Run Race with the Titans?

The registration period for the Race begins on 26th October and ends on 14th November 2023


3. What is the duration of the Race?

THE SHE RUN Race with the Titans powered by Stepathlon begins on 15 th. November 2023 and ends on 15th December 2023




1.Why are the steps submitted by other participants not visible?

You can’t view the steps submitted by other participants if they’ve set their profile status to ‘Private’.

If you wish to see your friend’s steps, they will have to change their privacy setting to ‘Public’ or ‘Limited’.

  • They can change the privacy settings by clicking on the ‘Main Menu’ in the Titans FAM App.

  • Click on the ‘ME’ Tab in the Main Menu

  • Choose ‘Profile’ option.

  • Click on the ‘Interests’ option in the Profile page.

  • Update selection to ’Public’ or ‘Limited’.


2. Can others see my performance? 

This would depend on whether you’ve chosen to have a ‘Limited’, ‘Private’ or ‘Public’ profile. Even if you have a ‘Public’ profile, your detailed stats are only visible to you.


 3. Can I see the progress of other participants? 

You can track other participants on the ‘Leader board’ (via the ‘Race’ tab on the Main Menu in the App). Clicking on the participant will take you to their profile page. You can track other individuals on the ‘Leaderboard’ when you click on the ‘Race’ tab. You can customize your ‘Leaderboard’ to view only those individuals you wish to track. You can follow up to 9 individuals. You will also be able to see these tracked individuals on the ‘Map’ of our ‘virtual world’. 

  • Click on the Main Menu of the Titans FAM App

  • Select the ‘Race’ tab option.

  • Under the ‘Race’ tab click on the Leader board option.

  • Click on the participant to track their progress.


4. Why is my current location displayed incorrectly on the Race map?

This is a virtual race, which means you can take part from wherever you are, you track your steps on the Titans FAM App to compete with other participants on a pre-mapped location course which is not reflective of your actual location. Remember the course is virtual, but the activity is real.


5.What does it mean if you get a ‘Speed Check’?

You have entered an unusually high step count and are being asked to explain how you managed to get it. When submitting your explanation, please account for precise details i.e., type of activity, distance, time, and effort spent on doing the activity and what you did differently to achieve such a high step count during your normal day.

Given the large number of participants involved in each Stepathlon event, please understand this system is in place to ensure participant integrity, and a level playing field for all.


6.What happens when my explanation for a ‘Speed Check’ gets rejected?

When an explanation for a Speed Check has been rejected once, participants get another chance to submit their explanation. In case of a second rejection, they are awarded an event average steps for that day.


7.Some individuals seem to be cheating and moving ahead on the Leaderboard. What is Stepathlon’s view on that? It is demoralizing for those of us who are being honest about our Step Count.

As you know, we ask all Stepathletes to sign our Honour Code before participating in Stepathlon, and request they uphold it with truth and integrity while participating. In addition, we flag Stepathletes who are being less than honest about their activity levels. We have a Speed Check system in place that prevents people from putting in an exorbitant number of steps. Every time they do that, we flag them with a Speed Check and investigate the matter further. While we use this system to identify Stepathletes that may be falsifying their information, we have also identified Stepathletes who are training for marathons or triathlons and are honestly generating high activity levels.

Becoming a Stepathlete is a choice people make to change their lives for the better. While we have contests, challenges and healthy competition as catalysts to help everyone make this change, the benefits (better health, increased energy, higher quality of life, etc.) are for the individual. An individual who fakes a Step Count without truly being active is only cheating themselves and breaking the Honour Code. All Stepathletes who are falsifying their information and moving ahead on the Leaderboard will be denied the real reward of improved wellbeing by way of healthy competition with their colleagues and counterparts all over the world.

In extreme cases, Stepathlon does have the right under its terms and conditions to vary step counts, and to withdraw individuals whose behaviour is not in accordance with the spirit of the event.

Let us assure you, the vast majority of Stepathletes are in the race for the right reasons and are turning their lives around. We hope you will continue to be one of them.


8.If I’m unable to access the internet or traveling for a few days, will I be able to enter my steps retrospectively?

You can enter these steps by visiting the ‘Log Missed Days’ page on the Titans FAM App by clicking on the Main Menu and choosing the ‘Log missed days’ option under ‘Log Activity’ tab once you can access the Titans FAM  App, participate in the Race from wherever you are. Remember The She Run  Race with the Titans powered by Stepathlon is for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.





1.What is Community?

This is your ‘Newsfeed’ where you will find all the information you need on health and wellness. This is where you can read articles written by experts, Celeb Mantras, fun Step Facts, interesting infographics as well as all the blogs and pictures uploaded by fellow Stepathletes. You can upload your own pictures, videos and write blogs on your fitness journey. You can also form or join ‘Groups’ and ‘Events’ that interest you in order to interact with other likeminded people.


Note: The photos uploaded need to be in JPEG format with a maximum size of 5 MB.

The videos uploaded need to be in FLV, MOV, and MP4 format with a maximum size of 100 MB.



2. Why is my post not showing up?

To ensure that we do not have any inappropriate or offensive information uploaded on the platform, we have a system in place, a layer of check, to filter all the posts uploaded by Stepathletes. The posts would reflect only once these posts are approved by the Stepathlon Team. This process would usually take 24 business hours for all the posts to reflect under the community feed.


3.How does the Quizathon work?

Throughout the Race there will be one Quizathon daily, consisting of three quiz questions. You cannot answer the same Quizathon more than once. The more you attempt and answer correctly, the more Badges or Trophies you get, and the more Step Points you accumulate!


4.What are Groups and Events?

Stepathletes can create ‘Groups’ to build communities of people with similar interests. You can join other ‘Groups’ and upload blogs, videos and photos to share with a select group of people. The creator of the ‘Group’ is allowed to delete it at any time.

 Stepathletes can create ‘Events’, which other users are allowed to attend. Those who are part of the ‘Event’ can send invites to other Stepathletes. The creator of the ‘Event’ may delete it at any time.





1.What is Food Swap?

This feature helps you swap the unhealthy for the healthy! We encourage Stepathletes to have a look at what they can learn by simply submitting their everyday dietary products while we ‘swap’ them for something more nutritious or healthy. It will also tell you how many steps you need to walk to burn it off!


2.What is Calorie Checker?

Our new ‘Calorie Checker’ database features over 18,000 food items with over 8,000 brand name products and an array of international foods, it includes more nutrient information than other research quality food and nutrient databases. You simply type in a food choice to find its nutritional value, such as total calories, protein, carbohydrates, dietary fat, calcium and more. We arm you with the information you need to make better and healthier choices.


3.What is the Weight Tracker?

We’ve built the ‘Weight Tracker’ to help you reach your weight goals. Once you tell us your weight goal and date, we can tell you how many steps a day you need to take to reach it. When you manually enter your weight into the Tracker, we plot your weight on a date chart for you, all in one convenient place. This makes it easier for you to keep track of your progress.




1.Will I know the number of steps needed to get to the next destination or the end of the Race?

We do not reveal the number of steps required to get to the next destination. But there is a progress bar on the ‘Location’ page under the ‘Race’ tab which indicates the percentage of distance covered as well as the balance to your next destination.

2.How is the Leaderboard ranked?

‘Leaderboard’ rankings are calculated based on distance travelled. The individual that has covered the maximum distance is ranked higher on the ‘Leaderboard’.



1.What is Step Assess?

The’ Step Assess’ page on the The She Run Titans FAM App allows you to track and monitor individual key health

indicators throughout the duration of the Race with the Titans Self-reporting tools enable formal assessments of lifestyle, wellbeing, biometric health, and mental health. You can keep track of your scores and get educated on how to improve health risks using the different tools:

You can also update your health record with health parameters such as blood sugar levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, nutrition, and sleep among others. All health data and reports are available to you anytime in one convenient location and are kept strictly private.



1.How do I win prizes?

We have gamified The She Run Race with the Titans platform for participants with exciting contests and challenges. These have been designed to foster engagement, fun. Stepathletes win gratification for participating in these.


2.What is the Hall of Fame?

We encourage Stepathletes to Move, Engage and Collaborate! Based on specific criteria, every week Stepathletes get featured and acknowledged on the ‘Hall of Fame’.


3.What are my Achievements?

This section shows you all the Badges, Trophies and Certificates you have won. These are rewarded for being active physically and online, by engaging in the many activities throughout THE SHE RUN Race with the Titans, for reaching various milestones and for having ‘mastered’ certain activities. A detailed description of each achievement is listed in this section.


4.Can I share and download my Badges, Trophies and Certificates?

Yes, you can share your achievements on various social media platforms to show the world how well you’ve been doing!

You can also download and print your badges, trophies and certificates and pin them up on your noticeboard or even share on social media. You will be able to share and download your achievements only if the social sites are not blocked on your computer/mobile server.


 5.How do I collect rewards during the Race?

Throughout the Race, Stepathletes are rewarded for their levels of activity and engagement as measured by the completion of contests, interaction with the community, collaboration with your individuals and other health focused activities.


6.What are Step Points? How do I collect Step Points?


Throughout the Race there will be various contests, challenges, and activities for you to take part in on the Titans FAM App. You can earn Step Points for a whole range of activities such as completing your Profile, entering your Step Count, winning a Badge, Trophy or Certificate, answering quizzes, etc.

Stepathletes should look out for ways in which to earn Step Points. Every activity that the Stepathlete participates in is worth certain points. All he/she must do is to-

  • Keep Engaging (posting blogs, photos, videos, participate in quizzes, contests, surveys)

  • Keep Moving (entering steps for different types of activity, getting his/her step count, updating personal health records) and

  • Keep Collaborating (comment, like, create or join groups and events)

  • Select Stepathletes who collect the highest number of Step Points will win prizes at the end of the Race.




1. What are Contests and Challenges and what do I win? How will I find out about all the activities and competitions that will take place during THE SHE RUN Race with the Titans powered by Stepathlon Event?


Throughout the Race, exciting contests have been planned. Each one has been designed to foster engagement and fun amongst participants. Stepathletes can earn points and stand a chance to win awesome prizes. Winners get featured in our ‘Contest Winners’ gallery.

Regular updates on activities and competitions will be posted under the Rewards Tab and under the Contest and Challenges option in the Titans FAM App. You will also receive notification pushes on the Titans FAM App as well as emails on the registered email address.


 2.Who is a Daily Task Star Stepathlete?

Star Stepathletes are picked daily depending on whether he or she has successfully completed the Task for the day.

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